Dates / Contact Info

Dates / Contact Info

Check in here to see where and when Carson is playing in your town.

Contact us here to add more dates!
Bruce Morel //
Music Marketing International Inc.
(902) 435-0330

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  1. Hi Carson!

    I am the host of a YouTube Channel called The Blues Tribe. You can check us out at We profile a different Canadian Blues artist each month. I see that you are going to be in Toronto for the Blues Summit and we are going to be filming the next bunch of shows on Monday, January 23rd (last day of the Blues Summit).  Would you be interested in being a guest on our show?

    The location for filming will be finalized in the next week or so.  It will not be far from the hotel where the Summit is taking place.  Short cab ride at most.  The time slot open is 1pm.  Could I book you to come on the show at that time?

    Here is the general agenda:

    1-1:30pm – Set-up and sound check
    1:30-2pm – Interview
    2-2:30pm – Perform two songs. We generally film two takes of each song.

    Please let me know if you would be willing and able to come on the show!

    Michael Loeters
    Blues Tribe Productions
    Tel: 905-625-1679

  2. I recently bought “Catch Me if You Can” at HMV in Mic Mac Mall, but the CD is missing a track. The track listing shows 12 tracks on the disc, but the copy I bought only has 11. “Stop Pushing Me” is not there. Can you please either email me the missing track or mail a replacement CD with all 12 tracks?

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